1. Quickly Grasp the Sales Data of All Stores
Store Analysis
Summarize the sales volume of each store. You can view/compare the sales volume of all stores on one page. It also supports automatic statistics of valid orders and returns.

Order Analysis
Make statistics on the daily sales of the store, so that you can compare the data to find out the operation problems in time, and adjust the operation mode.

Sales Analysis
Analyze the sales volume of a specific SKU, so that you can track the data, analyze the sales volume change trend of each SKU, and analyze whether the sales strategy is reasonable.

2. Comprehensively Understand Business Profit Performance
Profit Analysis  (Shopee, Lazada, TikTok, Tokopedia and manual orders)
View the profit of orders, stores and products in multiple dimensions, auto calculate the gross profit, fully understand the profit of each store and product, quickly find abnormal profits, and timely control business risks.

3. Accurate statistics of purchase, sales and inventory data
Invoicing Report
Accurately record the outbound and inbound status of each SKU. It is convenient to view the beginning/ending inventory and troubleshoot the problem of inventory loss; Improve the inventory efficiency of financial accounting.

Merchant SKU Report
Quickly identify the hot sales, new SKU and unsalable products, and accurately locate the sales direction of products to maximize profits.

4. Daily record the Work Performance of Employees
Package Analysis
Record the operation of each employee's printing, packing, and shipping times for their salary and performance calculation.

5. Efficiently Manage Store Payment Reconciliation
Shopee Payment Reconciliation
Verify the income of Shopee orders and follow up the abnormal orders. It is easy to check whether the order income is overtime released and whether there is any error in the released amount.

6. Push Data to the Financial System
SQL Account
Push the data to the financial system with one key, auto-create invoices and deduct inventory.