Basic Functions
1. Home Page
Scan to Send Image: To avoid logistics disputes, you can send package images to the buyer before shipping;
Scan to Check Orders: To check the order details by scanning the shipping label;
Scan to Ship: To ship your orders in APP;   
Scan Returns to Stock-in: Scan the orders which are returned before buyer signs to stock in;
Manual Stock-in: Increase the inventory;         
Manual Stock-out: Deduct the inventory;
Quick Stock Count: Count the stock.

2. Order Processing
Pack Orders     
Print Shipping Labels
New Order Notification
3. Sales Monitor
Sales Today

Download APP
You can click the link or scan the barcode to download app. If your android mobile phone cannot visit Google Play Store, please download the APK version.

You can also find BigSeller in your APP Store.
Android iOS APK
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