After the 3PL logistics service provider is authorized, when BigSeller processes manual orders or Facebook orders, it can choose a third-party logistics service provider to deliver goods. When packing new orders, BigSeller will automatically obtain the tracking number and shipping label from the logistics service provider.

Step1: Connect 3PL Service Provider
J&T Express Thailand
J&T Express Malaysia
J&T Express Indonesia
Sicepat Express Indonesia
J&T Express Philippines
GHN Express Vietnam

*Clicking on the logistics name can redirect to the corresponding authorization help doc.

Step2: Add shipping information for your orders 🔖 Single Action

🔖Bulk Action

🔖Modify Shipment Information

Step3: Pack orders in [New Orders] list
After clicking pack, the order would move to packing list. Once BigSeller gets the logistics information, order will auto-move to [In Process Orders] list and will show the tracking number.

Step3: Print shipping labels in [In Process Orders] list and ship orders

1. 3PL logistics service only available for Shopify, Woocommerce, LINE SHOPPING, Facebook Live and Post orders, manual orders, messenger orders;

2. When creating manual orders, please complete the buyer information. (If the information is not filled in completely, the logistics provider cannot deliver the goods correctly, and an error will be reported when packing the order.)

3. When you select a merchant SKU, the [weight for single SKU] would refer to the weight for this merchant SKU, or you need to enter manually.