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Why I cannot print out the shipping label for shipped orders?
After you click Ship, BigSeller can no longer request data from Seller Center. But the system will keep the cache for 14 days for free users and 28 days for VIP users. ((Only supports shipping labels from Shopee, Lazada, Blibli, Bukalapak, Tik Tok, Tokopedia, Akulaku orders). After 14 days, it will be deleted from the database. Thus, you can't print out the label anymore.

Why BigSeller fail to save the cache?
① API error may lead to cache failed (rarely happens)
② If you do not open the thermal print setting in Seller Center,  and use the customized shipping label in BigSeller, the cache will be deleted automatically
How to change logistics for in process orders?

First: void the order

Check the orders that you want to change logistics for, and then void it.


Second: change the logistics

Go to voided orders, check the orders that you want to change logistics for, click bulk actions - select shipping method

How long does the paid orders take to be synced to BigSeller from marketplaces?

BigSeller will auto-sync orders every 30 minutes. Also you can click on Sync Orders button to sync them in real time.



BigSeller cannot sync orders from your stores if the store authorization is expired. Please re-authorize it, and the order will be synced automatically.

When processing orders in BigSeller, when will the inventory be allocated and when will it be deducted?

With Inventory Features enabled, the system will automatically allocate the stock quantity of related Merchant SKU when orders are syncing in,  and sfter you click Ship button in the In Process Orders list, the stock quantity will be deducted.

What should I do if my order quantity is not enough?
If your order quantity is about to exceed the limit, it is recommended to upgrade VIP or buy Order Package.
  • If you only have insufficient order quantity for the current month, we suggest that you purchase an order package.
  • If your order quantity is not sufficient every month, we suggest that you upgrade to a higher level of VIP service.

1. The order package is only available for VIP users. If you are a free plan user, it is recommended to upgrade VIP.
How to use weighing settings


Connect with an electrical scale when Scan to Ship, to record the weight of packages.

2. Steps

For orders In Process, you can try to Scan to Ship and weigh your packages, orders will be shipped and moved to To Pickup afterwards.

(1) Scan to ship In Process orders > Scan settings - enable weigh settings

Note: weight settings can only be enabled when scan time set as 1

(2) Connect the scanner and electrical scale, adjust weight unit

Note: please make sure the weight unit of the current page consistent with your scale

(3) Scan tracking number or package number - weigh the packages - done shipment

Note: you can confirm if to proceed when package exceeds allowable difference, if no allowable difference set, subject to upper limit; You cant process orders beyond weight limit.

You can also generate and print the manifest after Scan to Ship

Can I cancel an order directly in BigSeller?

Currently, you can cancel Shopee/Lazada/TikTok and manual orders in BigSeller. Click here to learn more.

Besides, in order to prevent the cancelled orders from being shipped out by mistake, we will check and update the order status when you click Pack or Ship button.

Also, you can check those orders which have been processed but being canceled under Canceled Orders list.


How to change the cargo carry method (Pickup & Dropoff) for orders?
1. Notes
① The cargo carry methods can only be modified for logistics that support both pickup and dropoff;
Only available for orders from Shopee, TikTok, PGmall, Akulaku, Thisshop, and orders shipped by 3PL.

2. Steps
There are two methods to modify the cargo carry methods:
Method 1: From Settings Page -- Only valid for newly synced orders after modifying and saving the cargo carry methods settings.
Method 2: From Orders Page -- If you want to modify orders that have been synced to BigSeller, please choose this method.

Method 1: From Settings Page

Step 1:Click on Settings > Shipping Settings > Logistics and AWB Settings > Find the logistics and click the Edit icon > change to Pickup or Dropoff > Save

💡 It only applies to the newly synced orders, for orders that has been synced to BigSeller, please refer to method 2.

Method 2: From Orders Page


💡 If you want to apply the new settings to all new orders with this logistics, please check the option.


💡 The new settings will only take effect on the selected orders.

How to change the cargo carry method (Pickup & Dropoff) by stores?
If you have multiple stores using the same logistics: Store A has already enabled PICKUP permission, but Store B has not enabled PICKUP whitelist. So every time you pack orders for store B, need to manually modify them to Dropoff.
So BigSeller supports setting pickup/dropoff based on the store without the need of manual modification.

Step 1: Go to Setting > Shipping Settings > Shipping Options > Find your logistics > click "Edit" > Cargo Carry Method Setting -- Set By Store

💡 If you cannot find the "cargo carry method setting" icon for your logistics, please contact BigSeller Support Group to enable it.

Step 2:
All stores support Pickup by default. If you need to change it to Dropoff:
Select the store > click the right arrow, then the store will move to the Dropoff

What is Scan and Ship?

You can use Scan and Ship function in the In Process Orders list. After being scanned successfully, the order will automatically move to To Pickup Orders list.

When you use the scanner to scan the barcode on the shipping label, the system will check the order’s marketplace status and if there  exists a duplicate order. If the order’s marketplace status is buyer's order request for cancellation/cancellation or there is a duplicate order, the system will report an error.


What is Shipping Group?

You can add different logistics channels in a group.

For example: If orders of logistics A and logistics B are both picked up by the same courier, you can add logistics A and logistics B to a same logistics group (name it Shipping AB); when using Scan and Ship function, you can select the logistics group to Shipping AB first, and then scan the package. If there are orders that do not belong to this logistics group, system will report an error message.

How to set shipping groups?
Go to Setting > Shipping Settings > Shipping Group Settings > Add Group

Why can't I scan after conncting the scanner?

Please check if your input method has been switched to [EN]. If you cannot scan after switching, please contact customer service for help.

Where to find the already generated Manifests?
Go to Orders > Manifest Manage, you will see all the generated manifests on Bigseller.
You can print the manifests, check the details and export them.

Why there is no tracking number in my manifest?

If you need to show the tracking number in the manifest, please click Scan Settings > Manifest With Tracking No. > Save

Why can't I find the manifest in Manifest Manage after scaning the parcels?

If you do not click Generate Manifest button after scanning, the system will not automatically generate manifest and keep the history of corresponding manifest.

How to view order details and order log?

On any orders list, you can click on Order Details and view order details shown as below.

Order Log

The Shopee orders, manual orders, POS retail orders, and messenger orders support viewing individual order logs,
including status flow, printing logs, and operating accounts.

The order log displays the changes in order status in a clear timeline format. You can learn about the real-time status and progress of orders through it, and master the entire order process.
If there is a issue with the order, you can check the order log to locate the problem and take timely measures to resolve it on your own.

1. Currently, only Shopee orders, manual orders, POS retail orders, and messenger orders are supported;
2. Only orders after the function is launched will have log records.

What is auto mark as shipped?

Open the Auto Mark as Shipped switch below means:

If we find the orders has been scanned by logistics successfully  syncing orders, we will mark as shipped and deduct the stock on BigSeller automatically. Just follow below steps to open:

Go to Settings > Orders Settings > Other Settings > Click on the switch

What is the difference among the three options of Lazada RTS Settings?
There are three options for the Lazada RTS Settings:
(Please be noted that the buyer can not cancel the order anymore if the order is in RTS status.)

1. Select [Packing to move orders to RTS] -- the status of orders will become RTS after you click "Pack". The advantage of this option is that the buyer can not cancel the order anymore after the order is packed. However, this will bring risks to you since you will be punished if the courier comes to pick up the parcels before you make them ready.
For example, If your shop is under "pick up" by Lex MY, the RTS setting is really important. Because if the Lex driver comes to pick it up before you make the parcel ready, your PNR increases by 40-60% and then causes limited orders in Lazada.

2. *Select [Order will move to RTS when the shipping label marks as printed] -- After clicking "mark as printed", the order will move to RTS. This can avoid canceling the order after printing the shipping label.

3. Select [Shipping to move orders to RTS] -- The status of orders will become RTS after you click "Ship".
How to print out the Picking Basket No.? (WMS)

If you are using “Wave Shipment” and you have selected “Scan Picking Basket No.” to print Shipping Label, you need to print out the Picking Basket No. and stick it on your picking basket.


Settings > Order Settings > Wave Settings > Select “Scan Picking Basket No.” > Select the number of columns and rows > click “Print Picking Basket No.”

Learn more: Introduction to Wave Shipment

How to auto select the pickup time when packing order?
If you find it inconvenient to manually select the pickup time, you can enable the default time setting.

Settting > Order Settings > Other Settings > Auto select the pickup time when packing order

1. Only available for Shopee and TikTok orders currently;
2. If there is pickup time for the order, this setting will not take effect.
How to Add Tracking URL to Shopify Orders?
For Shopify orders, in the New Orders, In Process Orders/ Shipping, To Pickup Orders, Shipped, and Voided Orders lists, you can add tracking URLs; The tracking URL filled in will be synchronized to Shopify, and your buyer can click on this link to view logistics information.

Can history orders be synced to BigSeller after the first store authorization?
When a new store is first authorized to BigSeller, it will automatically synchronize history orders, but the synchronization time varies for each platform, as follows:

Shopee: Within 14 days (Starting from the day of authorization, orders from 14 days ago can also be synchronized to BigSeller)
Lazada: Within 30 days
TikTok: Within 15 days

Tiki: Within 28 days
Sendo: Within 30 days
Blibli: Within 28 days
Zalora: Within 15 days
PGmall: Within 15 days
Akulaku: Within 14 days
Tokopedia: Within 10 days
Bukalapak: Within 15 days
Shopify: Within 60 days
Woocommerce: Within 30 days
Thisshop: Within 15 days

💡 Note:
If you delete a store that has already been authorized to BigSeller and then re-authorize it, it will be processed as a new store (i.e. re synchronize the store's history orders according to the above rules)

Why does the order value and unit price show ***?

For sun-accounts:

If you don't have the permission of Order Price Info, the order value, unit price, order total would be displayed as *** and the corresponding columns of exported file would be displayed as ***;
If you don't have the permission of Cost Price, the cost on order details page would be displayed as *** and the corresponding columns of exported file would be displayed as ***;

You can contact the main account to enable "Order Price Info" or "Cost Price" permission.

1. If one sub-account need to check/export the order value, unit price and order total value -- just enable the "Order Price Info" permission;
2. If one sub-account need to check/export the commodity cost -- just enable the "Cost Price" permission;
3. If one sub-account need to check the estimate profit -- need to enable "Order Price Info" and "Cost Price" permissions.

What to do if Shopify order financial status error?
When new Shopify orders sync to BigSeller, these orders may fail to be packed. If you encounter this issue, please follow the steps below to process your order in the Shopify Seller Center.

Step 1: Go to Shopify Seller Center > Click Settings

Step 2:
-If you are using the Shopify Supported Payment Methods:
Please click Payments > Payment Capture Method > Select Automatically at checkout

- If you are using a Third-party Payment Providers:
Please select Automatically capture payment for orders.

Step 3: Go back to BigSeller > sync order > pack Shopify order again

How to filter out orders by Marketplace Status?
Currently Shopee and TikTok can be filtered by marketplace status.

Marketplace Statuses
All Orders (Within 90 Days) To Process (New) Processed To Process (Retry Ship) Shipping Complated In Cancel Cancellation
All Orders (History) Completed Cancellation
New Orders To Process (New) Processed To Process (Retry Ship) In Cancel
In Process Orders Processed To Process (Retry Ship) Shipping Completed In Cancel
To Pickup Orders Processed To Process (Retry Ship)
Shipped Processed To Process (Retry Ship) Shipping Completed Cancellation
Voided To Process (New) Processed To Process (Retry Ship) Shipping Completed In Cancel

All Orders (Within 90 Days) Awaiting Shipment Awaiting Colloection Partial Shipping In Transit Delivered Completed Cancelled
All Orders (History) Completed Cancelled
In Process Orders Awaiting Colloection Partial Shipping In Transit Delivered Completed
Shipped Awaiting Colloection Partial Shipping In Transit Delivered Completed Cancelled
Voided Awaiting Shipment Awaiting Colloection Partial Shipping In Transit Delivered Completed
Does BigSeller support package split?
Yes, you can split orders from Lazada, Shopee, Tiktok Shop, and manual creation in BigSeller
How to upload logs when I print shipping label failed using the print plugin?
When you print shipping label failed, please upload the logs of printing plugin and contact BigSeller customer service.

How to customize the pick list for waves (WMS) ?
After enabling the wave shipment, you can customize the pick list templates for different types of waves based on your needs. The

Go to Setting > WMS Settings > Wave Settings > Pick List Setting

pick list template, size, font size, column, wave shipment, wms, bigseller

💡 1. Size A6 is only available for single-column pick lists.

Learn More: Introduction to WMS (Wave Shipment)
Which logistics support custom logos?

Shopee-MY-J&T Express


Shopee-MY-DHL eCommerce

Shopee-MY-Ninja Van

Shopee-MY-City-Link Express

Shopee-PH-J&T Express

Shopee-PH-Standard Delivery

Shopee-MY-Shopee Express (Sea Shipping)

Shopee-TH-J&T Express


Shopee-TH-DHL Domestic

Shopee-TH-Best Express

Shopee-TH-Ninja Van

Shopee-PH-Ninja Van

Shopee-VN-J&T Express

Shopee-VN-SPX Express

Shopee-VN-Viettel Post

Shopee-VN-Giao Hàng Tiết Kiệm

Shopee-VN-BEST Express

Shopee-VN-Giao Hàng Nhanh

Shopee-VN-Ninja Van

Shopee-VN-Standard Express

Shopee-VN-VNPost Tiết Kiệm

Shopee-VN-VNPost Nhanh



Shopee-MY-The Lorry

Shopee-ID-GrabExpress Sameday

Shopee-ID-J&T Economy

Shopee-ID-Standar Ekspres

Shopee-ID-SiCepat REG

Shopee-ID-GoSend Instant

Shopee-ID-J&T Express

Shopee-ID-Pos Kilat Khusus

Shopee-ID-GoSend Same Day

Shopee-ID-JNE Trucking (JTR)


Shopee-ID-Ninja Xpress

Shopee-ID-GrabExpress Instant


Shopee-ID-ID Express

Shopee-ID-J&T Jemari

Shopee-ID-JNE Reguler

Shopee-ID-Termasuk ongkos kirim

Shopee-PH-GoGo Xpress

Shopee-PH-XDE Logistics

Shopee-PH-Economy Delivery

Shopee-MY-Others (West Malaysia)

Shopee-MY-Others (East Malaysia)

Shopee-MY-Standard Delivery

Shopee-SG-J&T Express

Shopee-SG-Standard Express

Shopee-SG-Standard Economy

Shopee-SG-Ninja Van (Home Delivery)

Shopee-SG-Ninja Van (Self Collection Point)

Shopee-SG-Shopee Express

Shopee-SG-SpeedPost Economy

Shopee-ID-Sicepat Gokil

Shopee-MY-Shopee Express (Self Collection)

TikTok-MY-J&T Express

Shopee-ID-SPX Hemat

Shopee-TH-SPX Express

Shopee-ID-SPX Standard

Shopee-ID-J&T Cargo

Shopee-ID-SPX Express Point

Shopee-MY-SPX Express (Sea Shipping)

Shopee-MY-Self Collection (SPX Express)

Shopee-MY-SPX Express (West Malaysia)

Shopee-MY-SPX Express (East Malaysia)

Shopee-MY-Poslaju (West Malaysia)

Shopee-MY-J&T Cargo (>20kg)

Which return orders in After Signing support pushing to third-party warehouses?
Which return orders that have been signed for support pushing to third-party warehouses?
Why does my order have an "Request Invoice" mark?
For Lazada orders, if the buyer requests an invoice when placing the order, the order will have an "Request Invoice" mark (as shown in the following figure). For orders with this mark, you need to print out the invoice and place it in the package when shipping.

Can we process TikTok sample orders in BigSeller?
Sample orders from TikTok Shop can be synced to BigSeller, packed and shipped.

You can see a "sample order" mark when processing orders.

💡 Notes
1. Only TikTok sample orders applied after October 9th, 2023 can be synced to BigSeller. TikTok sample orders applied before October 9th will not be synced to BigSeller.
2. Supports orders marked Ship in Seller Center to be synced to BigSeller for order processing, and orders marked Ship in Affiliate Marketing in Seller Center need to go to Affiliate Center for processing.

What is Package Match Method for Wave Shipment?

During the scanning packaging process using waves, you can automatically match specific package information based on the SKU entered during scanning.
This can allow packaging staff to know the SKU information (type+quantity) of the package in advance, and also avoid blind matching of packages based on SKUs, improving packaging efficiency; At the same time, it can also help users avoid exceeding the number of SKUs in the package during the input process, reducing the probability of matching errors.

There are three package match method for wave shipment: Sequential Matching, Pre-Matching and Post-Matching.

1. Sequential Matching: After you scan the SKU, the system will match sequentially according to the package serial number within the wave from small to large, and if the match is successful, the SKU information of the package will be loaded. The subsequent scanning of SKUs can only be done by scanning the remaining SKUs of the current package for inspection and packaging.

2. Pre-Matching: After you scan the SKU, the system will display all packages containing the SKU in this wave, and after you select the specified package, the SKU information of this package will be loaded, and the subsequent scanning of SKUs can only scan the remaining SKUs of the current package for inspection and packaging.

3. Post-Matching: You can scan any SKU, only when the type and quantity of SKUs scanned and entered are the same as the packages that didn't print the shipping labels within the wave, the inspection and packaging can be completed.