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Can I cancel the Purchase Order that is on the way?
Yes, you can click here to cancel the purchase order that is on the way.
Can I cancel the Partial Reception Purchase Orders?
You can end the purchase orders here, then this purchase order will move to Completed.

How to set purchase days?
If you don't set the purchase days/safety days, and there is no default purchase days/safety days for the Merchant SKU, the purchase suggestion will not be generated.
  • Purchase Days: the estimated time taken from purchase creation to purchase receiving;
  • Safety Days: the buffer time to prevent purchased products from not arriving on time;

Single Modify

Go to Purchase > Purchase Suggestion > click the purchase days number to modify it directly

Bulk Modify

Go to Purchase > Purchase Suggestion > select a warehouse > select Merchant SKUs > click Purchase Days Setting

Set Default Purchase Days
If there is no purchase days for the merchant SKU, system can calculate according to the default purchase days.

Go to Purchase > Purchase Suggestion > Set Restock Strategy > enter the default purchase days

When creating a 1688 purchase order, what should I do when there is no shipping address available?
If there is no address to select, please go to 1688 to set the address, and back to BigSeller to sync the latest address.

"1688 products are not mapped with merchant SKU" or "some1688 products are not mapped with merchant SKU"?
You can add/change the mapping relationships on editing page.