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Can I cancel the Purchase Order that is on the way?
Yes, you can click here to cancel the purchase order on the way.

Can I cancel the Partial Reception Purchase Orders?
You can end the purchase orders here, then this purchase order will move to Completed.

When creating a 1688 purchase order, what should I do when there is no shipping address available?
If there is no address to select, please go to 1688 to set the address, and back to BigSeller to sync the latest address.

"1688 products are not mapped with merchant SKU" or "some1688 products are not mapped with merchant SKU"?
You can add/change the mapping relationships on editing page.

Can purchase orders be filtered by create time/estimated arrival time/submit time?
On [Purchase > Purchase Manage > Draft/ On the way/ Partial Reception] list, you can filter out the purchase orders by create time or estimated arrival time.

On [Inventory > Receive > Purchase Receiving] list, you can filter out purchase orders by estimated arrival time or submit time.
*Submit time: the time when you submitted the purchase order.