1. Quick Publish

Scrape products

You can scrape products from platforms to BigSeller, and import them to the draft list in your store to publish. Support scraping by link and scraping by extension.
Scrape from Shopee Scrape from Lazada Scrape from Pinduoduo
Scrape products from Shopee to Shopee

Copy Listings
You can copy your products from one store to another. Support coping one product and coping by store.
Copy products from Shopee / Lazada / Tokopedia to Shopee
Copy products from Shopee / Lazada / Tokopedia to Lazada
Copy products from Shopee to TikTok Shop
Copy products from Lazada to TikTok Shop
Copy products from TikTok Shop to TikTok Shop

Product Template (Shopee&Lazada)
Create the general attributes and description of the product as a template, and directly reference it when creating or editing the product, so as to improve the publishing efficiency

2. Increase Product Exposure and Browsing

Boost Management

Unlimited cycle boost list products to increase the exposure

Watermark Template
Beautify product images to attract buyers to click, and prevent others from stealing your images

Scheduled Publish
Select the best release time to push the product to the target users of online search

3. Increase Store Sales

Discount Promotions (Shopee, TikTok Shop)

Carry out product promotion and discount activities to attract customers to buy and improve store sales

Flash Deal (TikTok Shop)
Stimulate product sales in the form of time-limited special sale

4. Improve store management standards

Showcase (Shopee)

Standardize and manage the category of your Shopee products

A image storage space where you can save and export product images to avoid losing the original image after adding a watermark

Bulk Edit
One-click editing of product information to quickly complete product updates
Edit products in bulk - Shopee
Edit products in bulk - Lazada
Edit products in bulk - Tokopedia