In this article, you will learn how to send package images to buyers using the “Scan to Send Image” feature in BigSeller APP.

Steps of Scanning to Send Image

Step 1: Authorize Duoke to BigSeller

Please click here to know How to connect Duoke with BigSeller.

Step 2: Install BigSeller APP

Step 3: Open the APP > Click “Scan to Send Image”> Scan the Shipping Labels > Take a picture of the package > Edit message info and confirm

Step 4: Y
ou can see the records on BigSeller Web Page "Sending Image Record".

Other Settings



1. This feature only supports Shopee, Lazada and TikTok orders on the list of New Orders, In Process Orders (To Ship), To Pickup Orders.
2. You need to authorize Duoke to BigSeller first.
3. Only BigSeller VIP users can use this feature.
4. BigSeller will save the sent images for 30 days, and you can download them in the "Sending Image Records" on BigSeller web page.