There are four ways to publish products in BigSeller.

Method 1:  Publish products manually

You can manually click “Add Product” on the Listings, edit product information and then publish it.

Please click on Add new products to marketplaces to know more.

Method 2:  Scrape products from e-commerce platforms

BigSeller supports scraping products from e-commerce platforms, such as Shopee and Lazada. After scraping, all products gathered will be shown on the Scrape List, where you can edit and publish the products.

Please click on the following links to know more:

Scrape products from Shopee / Lazada / Tokopedia

Scrape products on mobile

Scrape products by link

Method 3:  Copy products from Store A to Store B

You can copy listings from your store A to your store B in BigSeller.

Please refer to the Introduction to the copy-by-store feature.

Method 4:  Publish products by importing an Excel file. (Only available for Shopee)

You can release products on Shopee by importing an Excel spreadsheet.

Please click on How to publish products by importing an Excel file to know more.