Now you can print lable from Bigseller, tape it on your product, then scan this label to stock out/in for its Merchant SKU.
Learn more about this feature from the following 4 parts.
Part Ⅰ: Check Merchant Code or Add GTIN for Merchant SKU
Part Ⅱ: Set Label Template
Part Ⅲ: Print Label
Part Ⅳ: Scan to Stock In/Out

Part Ⅰ: Check Merchant Code or Add GTIN for Merchant SKU
Go to Inventory > Merchant SKU, you can check the Merchant Code for the already added Merchant SKU or add GTIN when adding a new Merchant SKU or editing the existing one.

The 8-digit Merchant Code is auto-generated by Bigseller while GTIN can only be filled in individually and manually. GTIN is not a mandatory field but should be unique once input, different from Merchant SKU, Merchant Code, and other GTINs.

Part Ⅱ: Set Label Template
Go to Setting > Print Settings > Label Templates, click +Add Template, then you can set your own label template.

Name this template, select Width & Height, set Font Size, and select Template Type (Barcode/QR Code),
you need to select Barcode Height if Barcode is ticked;
or you need to select QR Code location if QR Code is ticked.
You need to select a label Generation Method, and check other optionsyou want to show on this label.
After the edit, click Confirm to save this template.

Barcode is ticked:

QR Code is ticked:

3 label Generation Method:
① Generate by Merchant SKU:
Only when Merchant SKU contains numbers, letters, symbols and its length is not too long can you select this generation method. For example,
100ab&A-1, √;
100ab&A-1-100ab&A-1-100ab&A-1, × (too long);
100ab&A-1[ตู้เสื้อผ้าชุดชั้นในของราชินี], × (include other characters).

It's recommended to select it when Merchant SKU does not meet label-generation specifications.
③ Generate by GTIN:
Number under barcode on product packaging.

You can add up to 50 templates. Once adding multiple templates, you can click to set a default one.

Part Ⅲ: Print Label
Go to Inventory > Merchant SKU or Inventory List, click Print Label under Bulk Actions after selecting Merchant SKUs that you need to print their labels.

Then you can directly use the default template or click to select another template to print the label. Here you can also click Set Template to set a new label template.

Here you can also input the Print Quantity. Print Quantity here means how many times you need to print for a Merchant SKU.
You can only print 10,000 labels at one time (Qty of Merchant SKUs * Print Quantity).

Part Ⅳ: Scan to Stock In/Out
When your product has been taped a label and you need to add or remove its stock, you can scan its label to easily stock-in or stock-out for its Merchant SKU.
Go to Inventory > Manual Stock-In or Manual Stock-Out, click + Add Stock-In List or + Add Stock-Out List.

Select a Stock-In/Out Warehouse, check to Stock-In/Out Immediately or not, select Merchant SKUs you need to stock-in/out, then select Merchant SKU/GTIN or Merchant Code in order to scan the label. Scan once, 1 will be auto-input under Stock-In Qty. Sacn twice, 2 will be auto-input, and so on. You can also manually edit the qty.
1. Switch input method to [EN] before Scanning.
2. Select a label Generate Method (Merchant SKU/GTIN or Merchant Code) before scanning the label or enter the label number.

Finally, click Submit to submit this Stock-In/Out List.
You can click here to learn more about how to add a Stock-In/Out List.

Video Tutorial: