This article will briefly introduce the operations and terms on the inventory list page.

A. Operation Introduction

1. Filter:
You can use these conditions to quickly filter out the SKUs you want to view;

2. Bulk Actions

3. Import&Export  4. Select Merchant SKU: Add merchant sku into the current warehouse;

5. Set Shelf: Set a shelf for your SKU

6. Set Display Fields: Set the options you want to display on the inventory list page;

B. Terms Introduction

1. Stock Status

2. Total Data

For example: Merchant SKU A has 20 items on the way
——10 items purchased on the way, purchase unit price is 8
——10 items transferred on the way. transfer unit price is 6
So Total Value on the way = 8*10 +6*10 = 140

🔖 If the currency of the purchase order is different from the cost price currency, the system will convert it based on the exchange rate settings. (Purchase > Purchase Orders > Add Purchase Order)

3. SKU Information

4. Shelf: The shelf location of the SKU in your warehouse;

5. Inventory Information

6. Cost: The cost price of this SKU

7. Stock Alert:
A safety stock value you set. When the available stock qty is lower than the alert stock, the merchant SKU will be displayed in the list of Low Stock Alert;