1. Create Merchant SKU

There are four ways to create merchant SKUs. How to create a merchant SKU?

2. Create Inventory SKU and Mapping Relations

When syncing orders, we will:

- Automatically create a new inventory SKU if there is no matched one to map with your order item.
- Automatically map the items of the same SKU from different stores with one inventory SKU(Your Inventory product)
Also, you can create an inventory SKU or change mapping yourself. How to change mapping?

3. Add Stock Quantity

When we create the inventory SKU, its stock quantity will be "0" . Therefore, you need to add quantity manually for those product with stock. Otherwise, your orders may fail to be packed or shipped for no enough stock.

4. Open Inventory Function

If you need us to do stock monitor, restrict shipping the orders without enough stock and deduct the stock automatically when you ship, please open it first before processing your orders on BigSeller.
How to Open inventory management?

5. Start Processing Orders

Now you can start processing your orders. We will allocate the stock for your orders when your order syncs to Bigseller and deduct when you click on Ship on BigSeller.
Please note that the orders may appear under Out Of Stock if the orders do not have enough stock.

Tutorial Video: