1. Create Merchant SKU

There are four ways to create merchant SKUs. Please refer to How to create a merchant SKU?

2. Create Mapping Relations

Next, you need to map the merchant SKU with the store SKU. After mapping, the system can automatically lock, allocate, and deduct the stocks when you process new orders in BigSeller. Please refer to How to map merchant SKU with store SKU.

3. Put Merchant SKUs into the Warehouse and Add Stocks

Then, you need to put stocks in the merchant SKU. If they are out of stock, you will be notified that products are out of stock when you process orders. Please refer to How to add a stock-in list

4. Enable Inventory  Features

Please enable Inventory Features if you want the stocks to be locked and allocated automatically when processing orders. Please refer to How to turn on the inventory features?

5. Start Processing Orders

Now you can start processing your orders. We will allocate the stock for your orders when your order syncs to Bigseller and deduct stocks when you click on "Ship” on BigSeller.
Please note that the orders may appear under Out Of Stock if the orders do not have enough stock.

Tutorial Video: