In this tutorial we will work you through the common procedures of processing & tracking orders in BigSeller, which will include packing orders, printing shipping labels, marking orders as shipped and tracking orders.

Step 1: Packing Orders  

1. The newly synced orders will be shown in the New Orders list, please select the orders that need to be processed (multiple store orders can be selected at the same time ) then click Pack.

2. If the selected orders require pickup, please fill out the pickup information in the pop-up page (as shown in this picture) then click Pack again.

3. If packed successfully, the orders will be moved to the In Process Orders list. If not, you can check the reason on the Pack Failed list.

Note: If you enable the Inventory Features, order will be moved to the Out Of Stock list when the stock is insufficient or they haven't map with Merchant SKUs. Please re-stock or set the mapping relationship then hit Refresh Inventory button.


Step 2: Printing shipping label

1: In the In Process Orders list, you can print shipping label, pick list, summary list and invoice. Shipping label for example: 

Select Store Shipping Method > Not Printed(label) > select orders that need to print shipping labels > Bulk Print > Print Shipping Label

Note: If the order was moved to the To Get TN list, it means that the order status has changed to Processed on Shopee seller center but the tracking no. is not ready. Please wait a minute and click Refresh [TN] button to move it to the Printable list.

2. Confirm that the printed shipping labels are correct and click Mark as Printed. The printing status of the orders will be shown as printed.

Step 3: Mark as Shipped

1. With the order well packaged and shipping label sticking on,  click the Ship button to mark as shipped in BigSeller. Next, orders will be moved to the To Pickup Orders list.

2. In the To Pickup Orders list and Shipped Orders list you can also print shipping label, pick list, summary list and invoice.

Step 4: Order Tracking

When the order has been marked as shipped in BigSeller, you can view the one with abnormal status in the Non-Scan Orders list.

Click Non-Scan Orders > Select the type of abnormal status type > Filter according to your needs > Mark as Processed