[1] Statistics principle: the order data of the day can only be viewed the next day

         [2] Statistics based on:

                 Shopee: COD orders are based on creation time, Pre Paid orders are based on payment time

                 Lazada, JD.ID, Tokopedia: Order creation time

         [3] Supporting platforms: Lazada, Shopee, JD.ID, Tokopedia



Total Sales: The total amount of the order that should be paid for the order (including shipping costs, including orders cancelled after payment and orders that have been refunded, without deducting platform transaction fees. Does not include orders cancelled without payment.)

Total Orders: total order quantity (including orders cancelled after payment and orders that have been refunded)

Valid Sales/Orders: Exclude the Canceled Orders when compared to Total Sales/Orders.

Customers: the total number of customers placing orders, counted by buyer ID (if two orders are placed with the same ID, only one customer is counted)

Sales per Customers: the average amount of goods purchased by customers (Sales/Customers)

Refunds, Refund Orders, Refund Customers:

Which day the refund occurs, then the refund order's data will be counted to that day. (For example, if the order was paid on a certain day last year, but the refund is requested today, then the refund of the order will be counted in today's data)


  1. Currently, only statistics of refund data on the Shopee/Lazada platform are supported.
  2. Partially refunded orders are included in the number of refunded orders,also included in the refund amount, only calculate the amount of refunded products.

Cancel Orders: the total number of orders that have been paid but canceled

Data before Dec. 10, 2021, which day the cancelation occurs, then the canceled order's data will be counted to that cancelled day.
Data since Dec. 10, 2021, the canceled order's data will be counted to when this order is created (for COD) / paid (for Prepaid).


  1. Orders that are cancelled after payment will be included in Total Sales and Total Orders, but excluded from Valid Sales and Valid Orders.

Cancelled Order Amount: the total amount of orders that have been paid but cancelled.