There are two entrances to authorize your Shopee stores.

Method 1 From Homepage

Step 1: log in to BigSeller > click Setup Wizard on dashboard page > Select Shopee and Click on Connect Store, click Connect Store;

Step 2: After that, we will direct you to Marketplaces and you'll be prompted to log in to your account.

Step 3: Go back to BigSeller and Enter the store nickname


Method 2 From Settings

You can connect more stores on "Setting" page.

Step 1: Click Setting > Authorization Center > Store Authorization > Shopee Add New Store > Continue

Step 2: Just follow the Step 2&3 of method 1

After authorizing, you could manage store products, process orders, push the inventory, check data analysis...


1. If you need to authorize more Shopee stores, please log out of the account of the authorized store in the Seller Center after authorizing successfully, and then connect a new Shopee store.

2. The sub-account can also authorize the stores after enabling the integration permission.
(Setting > Sub-account Settings > Roles > Add/Edit Role > Others > Integrations)


Tutorial Video