If you are tired of manually filling out product information when uploading products, use the product template. It will autocomplete the content and improve your efficiency in publishing products. Here are the steps:

1. Hover on Products > Hit Product Template > Create Template
Note: The function is available for Shopee and Lazada only

2. Fill out the template info and hit Save

3. Go to the Draft or Failed list > Click Edit icon > Reference Product Template

  1. The template quota is subject to your plan. Gg. if you’re using free plan, then the quota will be 10. Please upgrade plan to get more quota
  2. Editing or deleting templates will not affect products that have been applied to
  3. It can be used only when the template region and the sales site are the same( For example, if you’re selling on Shopee Malaysia, you’ll have to select the region to Malaysia or it cannot be used)