Part 1: Quickly know about all the attributes of the listings page

① Product Publishing Status

Draft: Products to be edited and published, including the ones that you create and save, scrape from other platforms, and copy from your other stores.

Publishing: Products to be inspected by the marketplace.

Due to the Tokopedia API limit, products will go to the Publishing List first after you click on "Publish" and then will be released one by one in order.

Only the products from Tokopedia will be in this status. If products from other platforms are on this list, it is abnormal, and please ask us for help.

Failed: Products failed to be published. You can view the cause of failure and publish them again after adjusting product information on this list.

Active: Products are for sale and sold out, banned, unlisted, and deleted.

② Listing Status

Live: Products that have been successfully listed on the marketplaces. Buyers can see and search for them on the homepage of the store.

Delisted: Products that are delisted from Seller Center. Buyers cannot see or search for the product on the homepage of the store.

Under Review: Products that are under marketplace review. When listing the products to the marketplace, the marketplace will be in the process of product inspection.

Deleted: Products that are deleted from Seller Center.

③ Product Title

Title to be filled in when listing products.

④ BigSeller Store Nickname

The store nickname in BigSeller.

⑤ Source

Click to directly access the product source.


Product SKU, set for single product and different variants of the product. Each variant of a product should have different SKUs.

⑦ Time

Create Time: The time the product was created

Update Time: The time the product was updated

Part 2: Actions supported on active page

① Search

Products can be quickly filtered by different terms.

② Unlisted, Bulk Edit, Bulk Actions

Unlisted: Click to unlist products both in BigSeller and Seller Center.

Bulk Edit: Click to modify the titles, descriptions, prices, inventories and other information of multiple products in bulk.

Bulk Actions > Add Watermark: Click to add watermarks to product images in bulk.

Bulk Actions > Edit Images: Click to edit product images in bulk.

Bulk Actions > Delete: Click to delete products in bulk. Just deleted in BigSeller, the products still exists in Seller Center.

③ Generate Merchant SKU, Import & Export, Sync Product, Add Product

Generate Merchant SKU: It supports generating Merchant SKU based on store SKU with one click.

Import & Export: It only supports importing the excel to update stock & price.

Sync Product > Sync Selected: Click to sync information of the selected products from Seller Center into BigSeller (including stock).

Sync Product > Sync All: Click to sync information of all products from Seller Center into BigSeller (except stock).

+Add Product: Click to manually add a new product.

④ Edit, Unlisted, Sync, Copy, Delete for Individual Product

Edit: Click to edit and modify information of the product.

Unlisted: You can unlist this product both in BigSeller and Seller Center after clicking it.

Sync: Click to sync a single product.

Copy as new product: You can copy this product to the same marketplace as a new product.

Delete: The product is only deleted in BigSeller, but still exists in Seller Center.

Part 3: Three ways to publish products in BigSeller

Method 1: Publish products manually

Method 2: Scrape products from e-commerce platforms

Method 3: Copy products from Store A to Store B