1. Promotion Time:

Feb. 15th, 2023 – Mar. 31st, 2023 (Chinese Standard Time)

2. Promotion Description

What is Duoke?

Duoke is a customer service management system for Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, Tokopedia and other more platforms. With Duoke, you can improve your customer service performance by managing customer messages of all your stores on an all-in-one chat platform. Click here to visit Duoke’s website.

What is the Promotion Rule?

When you purchase BigSeller’s VIP services, you will get free Duoke’s VIP services of the same level.

For example:

If you buy a three-month BigSeller Baisc Plan, you will get a free Duoke VIP1 for one month.

If you buy a one-year BigSeller Business Plan, you will get a free Duoke VIP3 for five months.

Please follow the steps below:

1. After purchasing the BigSeller’s VIP service, you will get a voucher for Duoke VIP service. Please go to the “Purchase Record” to check your voucher.

2.Click on the voucher and copy the voucher code.

3.Log into Duoke > “My Profile” > “VIP Recharge Card” > Paste the voucher code and exchange

3. Notes:

1. Every user can purchase BigSeller VIP services multiple times, but a refund is not supported after purchase. Please be careful.

2. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to BigSeller.

3. If you cheat us and violate the promotion rule by using the third-party tool, BigSeller has the right to disqualify you from participating in the event and refuses to provide VIP services to you.

4. If the voucher has been used already, the used account and time will show on the voucher.

4. Common Questions

Q1: What if Duoke vouchers run out?

A1: Please email us at support@bigseller.com.

Q2: Can I purchase BigSeller VIP services repeatedly?

A2: Yes, every user can purchase the services multiple times.