In this article, you will learn how to copy products from Shopee to TikTok Shop.
You can either copy the whole Shopee Shop or just several products to TikTok Shop.

Now, I will show you how to copy multiple products to TikTok Shop.

Step 1: Go to Copy Listings > Go to Shopee > Select products > Click on “Import to Stores

Step 2: Select a TikTok Shop

🔖 Follow the mapping relations from the original store SKU
e.g. The original store SKU A01 is mapped with merchant SKU Y01,
if you select this option, when you copy it to a new store, the product in new store B01 will auto map with merchant SKU Y01.
Notes: If the store SKU is deleted or modified after copying, the mapping relationship will be removed.

Step 3:
Go to the Draft Listing to edit and publish products.

Besides, if you want to copy the whole store, please click on “Copy by Store”, and proceed as shown in the figure.