To reduce the costs and complaints caused by picking wrong items, you can use the Scan to Inspect function to confirm whether the item belongs to the order you are packing.

Please note that the following 3 conditions must be met to use the Scan to Inspect feature:

  1. Connect the scanner to the computer, and make sure that your input method has been switched to [EN].
  2. Generate the item label of the Merchant SKU in BigSeller
  3. The order must be in the In Process Orders list, and its Shipping Label should be printed before inspection.

Step1: Open In Process Orders list > move the cursor to Scan and Ship >hit Scan to Inspect


Need to select Shipping Settings and Print Manifest Settings the first time you use Scan to Inspect function.

Step 2: Scan or input tracking No./package No., and you can check the order info here.

Step 3: Scan or input Merchant SKU/GTIN

Situation 1

Situation 2


If there is an error information when you are using Scan to Inspect, please check

  1. Whether the order is in the In Process Orders list;
  2. Whether the item belongs to the order;
  3. Whether the qty is right.