Function: After you enable the auto-reply, BigSeller will automatically reply to your customers' reviews.

How to enable Auto Reply feature?

Step 1: Create Reply Template
Go to Marketing > Reply Template to create a new reply template. You can create up to 200 templates.

You need to enter the template name and set up to 10 replies for each rating, BigSeller will randomly select one as a reply.

Step 2: Enable Auto Reply
Go to Marketing > Review Management, here you can click the Setting button and select the reply template.

After that, click here to enable the auto-reply.



1. This feature is only available for Shopee and Lazada now.
2. BigSeller replies to customers' reviews every 2 hours.
3. For the free plan, the quota of auto replies is 20/ marketplace every day. If you want more auto replies, please upgrade your plan.
4. The default positive reviews would not be auto replied.
5. You can click Reply Records to check all reply history.