1. Merchant SKU in counting will be locked. You will not be able to delete it, change its mapping relationships, stock-in, or stock-out for it. You will also not be able to click Pack or Ship for orders including this Merchant SKU. You can only do this after you finish the counting.
2. When Count Stock < On Hand Stock, the system will auto-deduct the stock after the counting is finished. You can find the record (Stock-In/Inventory Gain) in Stock Movement.
    When Count Stock > On Hand Stock, the system will auto-increase the stock after the counting is finished. You can find the record (Stock-Out/Inventory Loss) in Stock Movement.

Part Ⅰ What is the stock count?

Stock counting (or stocktaking) is when you manually check and record all the inventory that your business currently has on hand, which is a vital part of your inventory control.

Part Ⅱ Explanation of nouns
Count Status
To Count: Count Task that has not yet started. You can click Start Counting to start counting. Then the Count Task will move to the Counting status.
Counting: Ongoing stocktaking task. You can click Start Counting to input the Count stock or click Finish Counting. The Count Task will move to the Completed status when it's finished.
Completed: Finished stocktaking task. You can click to view the stock counting details.
Count No.
A number of the counting task. It's auto-generated when adding a counting task.

Count SKU Qty
The number of SKUs in this counting task.
Count Type
By Merchant SKU: You can select Merchant SKU(s) to count the stock.
                                 You can select some Merchant SKUs to count or directly download a template to Import Merchant SKUs to stocktake.
By Shelf: You can stocktake according to a specific shelf.
By Warehouse: Merchant SKUs in this warehouse will all be counted.
You can see the Create time and Update time of this counting task.

Part Ⅲ How to stocktake?
Step 1: Click Inventory > Stock Count, then click + Add Count Task.

Step 2:
On the Add Count Task page, you need to select a warehouse, select the Count Type, then click Select Merchant SKU(s) or click Import Merchant SKU to bulk import SKUs to stocktake. After selecting Merchant SKU(s), click Generate Task at the top right corner.

After the Count Task is generated, you can click Start Counting, click Edit to modify this counting task or click Delete to delete this counting task.

Step 3
After you click Start Counting in Step 1, the Count Task will move from To Count to the Counting status. Here you can click on Print Count List.

Tips: If you want to print count lists with merchant SKU images, please enable this icon.

Or you can click Start Counting here to stocktake, and input the Count stock.

If you finish doing this, you can click Finish Counting. Then this Count Task will move from Counting to the Completed status.
If it's Inventory Gain, then Bigseller will auto-increase the stock.
If it's Inventory Loss, then Bigseller will auto-deduct the stock. You can check the related records in Stock Movement.
Otherwise, you can click Save and continue to stocktake next time.

There are 2 ways to input Count Stock.
1. Click Start Counting to manually input Count Stock.
2. Click Import Counting to import a file to bulk input Count Stock.

Step 4:
After the counting is finished, you need to click Finish Counting in Step 2. Then you can find the Count Task in the Completed status. You can click the Details button to view the stocktaking details.