This article introduces where to check the records of inventory sync, and how to understand the terms listed there related to inventory sync.
Tips: The records will only be kept for 30 days.

Go to Inventory > Sync Recording.

On this page, you can only see the data of a certain Merchant SKU's most recent inventory sync records. 
You can click the Detail icon if you want to check more details of the sync records.

1. SKU Information:
Information of Merchant SKU, inlucding Title and SKU Name

2. Last Sync Qty:
The inventory quantity in the latest sync.

3. Last Sync Time:
The time when the lastest inventory sync is triggered. 

4. Last Sync Status:
The result status of the latest inventory sync.

5. ID:
The record ID auto-generated by Bigseller. Each time the sync rule is triggered, an ID will be generated. If the sync rule triggered will sync inventory to 10 stores, then there will be 10 IDs. 

6. Sync Time:
The time when the inventory sync is triggered. 

7. Marketplace:
The sync to marketplace. 

8. Store Nickname:
The sync to store. It will show the Store Nickname in Bigseller. 

9. Store SKU:
The inventory(After Sync Qty) will sync to this Store SKU. 

10. Warehouse:
The warehouse whose Merchant SKU's available stock is changed. 

11. Before Sync Qty:
The first time to sync (when there is no sync record), Before Sync Qty is the available stock quantity of the Merchant SKU.
When there is already a sync record, Before Sync Qty is the After Sync Qty of the previous sync record.

12. Movement:
The quantity change of the Merchant SKU's available stock. That is, how many items have been increased or decreased in its available stock. 

13. After Sync Qty:
It is the Available Stock of the Merchant SKU * x% (x% is set in the sync rule), which will be synced to your online shop. 

14. Rule Name:
The name of the Sync Rule that is triggered. 

15. Reason:
The reason that triggers this inventory sync. There are 15 actions that will trigger inventory sync. 

16. Status:
The result status of this inventory sync. There are 4 statuses: Successfully, Failed, Skipped, and Pending. 
  Successfully: The inventory sync is triggered and the After Sync Qty has been updated to your online shop successfully. 
  Failed: The inventory sync failed. The specific reason is displayed below the sync record. 
  Skipped: The inventory sync is being skipped. Reason: if the rule is triggered multiple times in a short period of time, the system will sync only the latest record to prevent task accumulation. For example, if the rule is triggered 100 times in 1 second, the system will only press the 100th time to sync the inventory.
  Pending: The sync task is still in the queue, waiting to be handled.