Steps to create purchase order:

Terminology Interpretation:

1. Receiving Warehouse
The warehouse that these purchased items will arrive.

2. Supplier
Where you purchase these items. You can also select 'No Supplier'. You can go to Supplier List to add and manage your suppliers.

3. Currency
The currency you use to purchase items from your supplier. The cost calculated finally will be auto-converted to the value based on your account currency. You can use the exchange rate set by system or manually set a fixed one.

4. Tracking No
The tracking number is provided by your supplier. You can enter the tracking number after your supplier ships the package.

5. Ship Fee
The shipping fee you've payed to your supplier.

6. Cost Allocation Method
It is set to calculate the Allocated Expense for every item, you can select Price or Quantity.
If you select Price, Allocated expense = (Purchase Qty * Individual Purchase Pirce) / Final Purchase Price * (Ship Fee + Other fee) / Purchase Qty.
If you select Quantity, Allocated expense = Purchase Qty / Total Qty * (Ship Fee + Other fee) / Purchase Qty.

7. Other Fee
Other fees when you purchase items from your supplier, excluding purchase price and shipping fee.

8. Estimated Arrival
Estimated arrival time of purchased items.

9. Note
The note of this purchase order.

Watch this video to know how to create Purchase Order and how to fulfill the purchase order receiving work.