1. Error : This Order has not got the tracking number, please click 【Refresh】 later

Solution: When you click Pack in BigSeller, it will automatically check if Shopee has generated the tracking number. If the tracking number is not ready, it will report this error. Please wait a minute then click the Refresh button on the right side.

2. Error : The product of this order doesn't have mapping relations with the Merchant SKU, please set it on the order details page then process order again

Solution: After enabling the Inventory Monitor, the system will automatically check if the products in this order have been mapped with Bigseller merchant SKUs. If no mapping relation, the order will move to the Failed list. Please map products with merchant SKUs before clicking the Pack button again. You can set the mapping relationship under the order details page or under the Merchant SKU list.

How to Add or Delete Mapping Relationship
How to Change or Add Mapping for the Order Items?

3. Error : xxxx have no stock in the warehouse

Solution: The inventory of the merchant SKU is insufficient. Please create a stock-in list to add stocks then pack the order again.

How to add a Stock-In List?

4. Error : xxxx is not in the warehouse
Solution: This merchant SKU is not in the selected shipping warehouse, please modify the shipping warehouse or add the merchant SKU to the selected shipping warehouse.